Sweet Snack Mixes

Sweet meets salty with every bite of this outrageously good assortment of Red Rocker Candy® pretzel mix. A delicious mashup of crunch + confection = an insanely satisfying snack. Check out all seven below!


Rocking Chair Mix®

Rocking Chair Mix®

Our original salty-sweet snack mix. Candied pretzels, oat cereal, graham cereal, and roasted almonds all individually coated in a silky, white confection. It's little bites of happiness for your mouth!  

Lemon Burst

Seasonal, only available January - August

Our Lemon Burst Pretzel Mix is a refreshing combination of lemon-flavored pretzels, lemoncello almonds, and mini chocolate raspberry cups.Treat yourself, and your taste buds, to a small dose of happiness today! 

Espresso Jolt

Enjoy the taste of a caramel Macchiato with each and every bite of our Espresso Jolt Pretzel Mix. Coffee flavored pretzels combine with milk chocolate espresso beans and mini salted caramel cups to give you a much-needed perk-me-up for that 3 pm slump! 

Peanut Crunch

Attention all peanut butter lovers... meet your latest crush! Our Peanut Crunch Pretzel Mix is a timeless blend featuring peanut-flavored pretzels with mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups and honey roasted peanuts. It’s peanut-ty deliciousness in every bite!  

Peppermint Blast

Seasonal, only available October - December

Our cool and refreshing Peppermint Blast Pretzel Mix combines peppermint-flavored pretzels with dark chocolate nonpareils and creamy peppermint twist bites. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty! 

Naked Turtle

Naked Turtle

A chocolate candy classic stripped-down, as the name implies, to its barest elements! Vanilla pretzels, salted pecans, and caramel turtles make our Naked Turtle pretzel mix a purely decadent treat.

Caramel Brownie

Caramel Brownie

The home-baked goodness of rich and fudgy caramel brownies in a pretzel mix. Say hello to your new guilty pleasure with this combination of vanilla pretzels, mini caramel cups, and chocolate brownie bites!